Street Art and Graffiti around Brick Lane in London


World famous, Brick Lane in London’s Shoreditch district features array of stunning street art and designs by artists from all over the world. The art works in the area are diverse and ever changing, one piece doesn’t last very long, so your guarantee to find something new and exciting on each visit to the area.

Graffiti Street Artist, Mr Cenz, Brick lane, London
Street Artist, Mr Cenz

Also don’t forget to check out the hidden streets off either side of Brick Lane, many of the top artists display their works there. Hanbury, Fashion, and Pedley Streets are abound with art works from well know artists like Alexis Diaz, Angus, DALeast, Gegos, Mr Cenz, Otto, Phlegm, ROA, and Stik.

Artists Dr Zadok and Jim Vision have also paid a series of tributes to the author, Terry Pratchett who died on the 12th March, 2015. Which can be seen in Code Street off Brick Lane.

Terry Pratchett Mural by Dr Zadok and Jim Vision, Street Art, Brick Lane, London
Terry Pratchett Mural by Dr Zadok and Jim Vision

Other places to visit in the area where you might find some art include White Church Lane, Star Lane, and Rivington Street.

Here are some of the art work that I have seen recently and photographed. Also check out many other images on my world wide street art and graffiti photography pages here.

Street Art by Alexis Diaz, Graffiti, Brick Lane, London
Street Art by Alexis Diaz
Gregos Sculpture, Street Art, Brick Lane, London
Gregos Sculpture
Phlegm, Street Art, graffiti, Brick Lane, London
Art Works by Phlegm
Street Art, Balloon Animals,Fan, Fanakapan,Horror Crew, Brick lane, London
Balloon Animals by Fan, Fanakapan and Horror Crew
Street Art, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Zio Ziegler, Justkids Collective, Hanbury Street, London
Couch and Art by Bicicleta Sem Freio, Zio Ziegler, Justkids Collective in Hanbury Street